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Service Pack 1 - Dezember 2002

For French Version 2.0-Users: Update to Version 2.2

New features in version 2.2:

  • Every user may now change the driving instructor too.
  • Free driving in all exercises is now possible if at least 3 exercises have been finished successfully.
  • Camera-lens effects when looking in direction to the sun.
  • New saving systems for your options and exercise scores. With beginning of this version 2.2 the scores won't be cleared after installing an update or patch.
Bugfixes :
  • After reloading the scene driving sound is missing.
  • On some fast machines a few cars broke through walls.
  • Switching from England to non-England and vice versa the rule-checking didn't work! Therefore cars drive into each other and the user can drive without sense. Work around: restart the exercise one more time
  • The exterior mirror doesn't work in the old cockpit
  • The trigger range on junction-stop lines didn't work correctly (no flickering, traffic check is done too early)
  • During registration menu: empty names mix up the registartion sequence (you could not let one registration-field empty).
  • In London level the exterior-mirror was shown in the error-icon on the wrong side (left instead of right side)
  • Scenes have been mixed when pressind ESC and changing to the examination-menue and pressing ESC one more time
  • Darkening the display doesn't work the first time in menue
  • The old highway part sets the wrong speed limit
  • In direct-X 8.1 sound somteimes hurls loud until gas-button is pressed (on some mashines)
  • Pedestrian traffic signs have a wrong size in London-Level
  • Leaving the highway you get an error message "You are too fast"
  • Bugfix Sound:
    On some sound-cards(e.g. ACF'97 bei Medion-PC) driving-instructor sound is missing. Navigating your car in base-training you may here bird voices only.
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Cheat: Exercises 1-9 are solved
With the update above your scoring will be cleared (for the last time). Here you may find a cheat in which exercises 1-9 are passed successfully for registration No. 6.
   40 KB


Service Pack 1 - Soundsupport

Spezial Bugfix Sound AC'97 (Medion-PC)

On some few sound-cards you won't here the driving instructor (this effect occurs on "Avance AC'97" sound card with Windows Xp an "Levacy driver"). This is a bug in the windows-legacy driver for which you won't get a fix. So we reprogrammed the sound-logic in 3D Driving-School (and Super Auto-école 3D). This patch is included in Service Pack 1 above. Unfortunately you will have to exchange the driving instructor sounds too.

Only if you don't hear the driving-instructor please download this patch additionally. This patch doesn't work without Version 2.2 Update!

   31 MB